About Me

What’s up guys! It’s great that you found my site with all the countless of home improvement blogs out there. You might be wondering what makes myhome-n-spec.com different from the rest. Well, it’s easy: I’m writing only about topics related to living in California. Living an hour drive from San Francisco, I think like that I can gain a more genuine audience that can relate to what I’m writing about. I have long thought about starting my own website, but I somehow always found a reason to against it: Too busy, overwhelmed by the technical aspects of creating a blog and simply being a little scared that I receive bad comments from guys who don’t like my posts. For that reason, I have turned off the comments for now, but that might change someday. So I eventually decided to just get going after I had a fantastic experience installing new solar panels all by myself. Without anyone else’s help. It was an amazing feeling and I want to give you guys the motivation to do work at home by yourself as well.

So that’s pretty much the most important things you should know about my reasons to write and share my home improvement experiences. If you want to get in touch with me then please head over to my contact page and I’ll be happy to hear from you.