My worst experience with a Southampton home builder

It’s true some home builders serve the lower end markets while other builds custom high cost houses. This however does not mean that quality is thrown out the window for anyone. The product qualities may also differ, but the workmanship means a lot to any home owner out there. My worst experience with a Southampton builder came when we decided to have our first home on a small budget.

After long hours of discussing the design the way we would like it, the contractor gave us a quotation that was acceptable to all parties. The work commenced with everything in order till the work was done. At the end even before we could move in, I had begun noticing squeaks on the floor in the kitchen and on the bedroom floor. He however rubbished this as a small issue, demanded his last payment and drove off arrogantly.

It’s now only six months and I notice so many flaws in the building, cracks in the living room wall and the floor makes more noise than a 30 year old house. This home builder has made my first home a disaster that we can’t even enjoy living in anymore. We are now weighing the options of doing expensive repairs over the years and tearing the whole house down and starting a fresh building. I even wonder how such companies get licensed by the authorities with such kind of a con. He even installed the vents backwards forcing me to do it myself when he cared not enough to correct his mistakes.

All I can say is that this is my worst experience with a Southampton home builder. When I mentioned repairs to him he offered some very expensive upgrades that were out of my range and didn’t care a bit that he made the poor work in the first place. And the way the contractor treated his employees told a lot about him as a person. I won’t name the company but I pity the next home owner who will be his target for shoddy work.